Southern Food at it's FINEST.


Jump start your day with our home-style breakfast. Omlets, pancakes, and some of the best butter milk biscuits in the world. Have eggs served your way with your choice of country ham, sausage links, hashbrowns among other delicious offerings. All made from scratch and havested locally.


Drop by for our cafeteria-style lunch plates. Made quick and served hot with all the fixin's. Our lunch menu is different for each day of the week. Download the menu below for specifics. For $5 a plate and free refills, it can't be beat!


Classic meat & three offerings including steak, fried chicken, meatloaf, country style ribs, and other types of BBQ. Bottomless roll basket with home made,creamy honey-butter to accompany it. Let's not forget dessert, An assortment of cobblers, pies and other baked goodies are available around-the-clock.